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ReDefine is a campaign sponsored by Roche that aims to inspire. To spark conversation. To encourage and motivate people living with haemophilia to redefine their goals, aspirations and what it is really like to live with haemophilia.

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Dating is like bleeds. You never know what’s going to happen.

Dating. It’s exciting. But it can also be a minefield. Add haemophilia to your dating bio and, well, that can make for an awkward conversation. From the pre-date nerves, to getting to know someone on a personal level… and a physical level, dating is full of hurdles to overcome.

Protecting your mental wellbeing

Living with haemophilia can be full of ups and downs: some days you might be feeling fine whereas other days may leave you feeling pretty low. It’s okay to have these down days – you’re only human after all!

What a pain in the elbow, knee, ankle, hip…

Haemophilia-related bleeds can sometimes just happen, for seemingly no reason at all. And when they do, they can cause all sorts of problems – from the swellings that hurt and make it hard to move, to the countless plans you’re forced to cancel.

Exercise: Your ally against haemophilia-related bleeds

Regardless of what your reasons for avoiding exercise might be, it definitely has benefits both for your haemophilia and your health generally.

The art of travelling with haemophilia

When you have haemophilia, getting out and about in your day-to-day life can be tough, let alone travelling. So what happens when you’ve got a holiday planned?

How does your pain measure up?

Living with haemophilia often goes hand in hand with experiencing some sort of pain – whether this is pain from needles, pain from bleeds or pain in your joints. This pain can be exhausting, which is something that people who’ve not experienced it, struggle to understand.

The #MEMEOPHILIA gallery

The community have already shared their realities of living with haemophilia by creating memes for our gallery.